Simon Shaw

Partner and Head of Marketing

As Marketing Partner, Simon is responsible for business development and the Management of strategic partners.

In Brief

  • Dynamic, forward- thinking Partner and Head of Marketing.
  • Combines his legal knowledge with his experience as a marketing strategist.
  • Doesn’t see his role to be bound by any limits; does whatever necessary to deliver on a project.

Head of Marketing, entrepreneur, innovator, people person, researcher, leader and father. The brains behind our brand.

He didn’t set out to be a Marketing Partner, but he was meant to be one from the start.

Simon has worked for a few great Merseyside firms since 1999, qualifying in 2008. It was whilst managing a team of around 50 fee earners in 2009 that Simon realised his marketing ability. As a manager and Partner, he was constantly ‘selling’ people on ideas, decisions and tasks. He also gained valuable insights in understanding and interacting with people. Since these are the essential skills for any Marketing Manager, marketing seemed a natural transition for Simon and it was then that he began to raise the profile of his firm and seek new business relationships.

Having excelled in that position, Simon joined SGI in 2013 and aims to share his energy with everyone around him at the firm and bring our projects ever greater success.

Simon believes in seeing challenges as potential opportunities and kicking down walls placed in our way to ensure the success of both SGI and the legal profession for the benefit of those requiring representation.
And that’s what the law is to Simon; a personally- fulfilling opportunity to help others resolve their legal problems.

He will always succeed.

Simon’s spare time
Away from the office, like most creatives, Simon has many hobbies at the same time which change periodically.

At the time of writing, the gym is one of them.

Another is socialising, and spending time with family.

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